Putting Game: Go Low!

When you practice, you should always try to instill some time to practice in the exact same way you play.  And that not only means the shots that you find on the course, but also setting up situations that bring up certain emotions, mental challenges and feelings that you experience when on the course.

We all have a “comfort score”, which basically is a scoring range you are comfortable shooting. I have some students that are comfortable shooting 80-85, but get really nervous if they start to shoot in the 70’s or above 85. They will step on the gas a little if the score is going higher, or if it’s going low they slow down into protection mode. As a coach I want you to continually lower your comfort zone score so you can consistently shoot lower scores.

Here’s a great putting game called “Go Low”. What we do is set up an ideal scoring situation: You will hit 18 greens in regulation today! Now, what are we going to shoot? If you 2 putt everything it’s a 72.  In this game we are going to put some stress on your putter and give you some good pressure, and we are going to put a low scoring idea in your head. Basically, you’ll see how low you can really shoot if you hit 18 greens in regulation.

“Go Low” will help you get more comfortable with breaking your scoring barriers and shooting lower numbers. So…imagine you’ve hit all of the greens. It’s exactly what you’ve been working toward and practicing so hard for. Now it’s time to finish off each hole with great putting and an attitude of going low!

What You’ll need: Your putter and one golf ball.
Time You’ll need: 10 minutes max
The game: You have 18 birdie opportunities. Each first putt must be between 25 and 45 feet and you’re going to add up your score in relation to par (with two putts being par). So your “par” goal is 36. See how you do.

Benefits: Here’s what this game helps you with.

1. It will help you break through whatever your scoring barrier is, a comfort zone.
2. You will gain confidence from shooting a low score and you’ll become a better lag putter.

Bring the elements, situations, feelings and emotions that you find on the course to practice! Give this one a try and email me and let me know how you did!